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"Do I Need Experience Before Coming To The Rev?"

A: No! We welcome beginners and can't wait to help you start your martial arts and fitness journey!

"How Much Does The Rev Cost?"

A: It depends on what you want to do here.

If you're only looking to do one discipline (i.e., JUST Boxing or JUST BJJ) it'll be $90 per month.

If you want to do any TWO disciplines (i.e. Boxing AND BJJ) it'll be $120 per month. 

If you're looking to take all the classes across all disciplines with no restrictions, it'll be $150 per month.


Single class passes are $20 per class (for those that have already used their free week trial).

"What If I Want To Compete / Fight?"

A: Great, you've chosen the right place. We make sure our fighters and competitors are properly prepared before they step into the ring or cage, so if you're at all interested in competing, express that interest to one of our coaches, and they will let you know how you can start. 

"At What Age Can My Child Start Taking Youth Classes?"

A: We start training kids at 5 years old.

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